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Team Edstreme Pitch Day Confirmed for 2018

10th February 2018

We are delighted to confirm that we will be visiting the King Power stadium, home of Leicester City FC, on Saturday 26th May!

The home of the Premier League champions from the 2015/16 season will be our base for what is set to be our largest fundraiser yet! This year we will be raising money for ManCheck, look out for details on the day and how to purchase your position over the next few days!

Changes for Season 21

11th December 2017

All games will now take place between 8pm and 10pm on Thursday nights. We are able to postpone games, however the postponing side will need to let us know by the Wednesday at 1pm. A postponement fee of £25 will need to be paid before their next game and all postponements should be sent to Phil either via the Facebook page, or via text on 07717 661928.

Game times are changing from 26 to 28 minutes. We will now play straight through without stopping for half time, meaning we can extend games slightly. Please however ensure that you arrive on-time for games and are promptly onto the pitch for the start of your game. 

The Charities Cup won’t be taking place this year, so each week will be a regular league week. We still want to donate to charity and so will be donating £400 a season to a charity of our players choosing.

We are also purchasing a chip and pin machine so teams or players can pay their match fees via card or Apple / Android pay. Please ask Sean or Phil if you wish to pay this way. If you would prefer to transfer your match fee in advance of your game directly into our account, please contact us and we can supply the account details.

We’d like to stress that each team should have their own kit and the bibs should only be used in the event of a kit clash. Also that teams should have a minimum squad of 8 players so we don’t have to continue supplying players for teams who are short. We will be circulating details of players who are looking for sides, but let us know if you are looking for anyone and we can put a message out.

Match fees are remaining at £35 for this season. Any outstanding match fees must be transferred in advance of your next game or paid in cash / card before your next game. Having made a loss during last season, it is imperative that all sides maintain payments if League Edstreme is to survive.

Season 21 Charity Announced

We're delighted to confirm that Phab Kids will be the beneficiary of our £400 donation to charity in season 21. A friend is running in the London Marathon as part of a group and we have chosen to sponsor them with proceeds from season 21.

League Edstreme has a proud history of fundraising and we are delighted to be able to continue this into 2018.