League Edstreme

The best 7-a-side football league in Portsmouth!



Useful information for Fixtures:
  • Please make sure that you are at Priory School AT LEAST 10 MINUTES before your kick off time and ready to get on the pitch to begin your match.
  • All team players are to wear the APPROPRIATE FOOTWEAR as outlined in the rules for League Edstreme along with SHIN PADS. Please note that if a player attempts to play or begins playing without either of these items they will be removed from play with the game continuing in their absence until rectified.
  • Please DO NOT PRINT these fixtures as we update throughout the season to cater for all teams needs.
  • Please alert League Edstreme no later than 1PM ON THE WEDNESDAY of the game week if your side is unable to attend. We will then move your game to the end of the season to be played on the "Postponed Matches" week scheduled within the Fixtures. Please note that postponed games are subject to a charge of £25, payable before your next game.
  • ALL TEAMS that do not attend fixtures below without letting organisers know after the 1pm Wednesday deadline will still need to pay the £40 match fee. Match fee will need to be paid prior to playing in following weeks fixture.