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The Charities Cup is League Edstreme's cup competition which raises money for charities of our players choosing.

All money raised on cup nights (minus costs) gets donated to the charity chosen via our Facebook page as a donation from the players.

League Edstreme is one of the only leagues in Hampshire that gives teams a chance to compete in a charity cup competition alongside their league campaigns every season. 

To date this competition has raised over £10,000, primarily for Cardiac Risk in the Young, but also more recently for other local charities shown on the right.

Everyone has their own story and charity that is close to their heart, if League Edstreme can assist with any fundraising goals you may have we will do all we can to help you.

For the full list of scorers, click here


Charities Cup Group Stage Week 1

Thursday 3rd August

Group A

7:00: Odd Balls FC Newells Old Men
Odd Balls FC can't play, Newells Old Men win 5-0

7:00: Forest Green Rovers v 7 One Man Short
Joe Hennigan (2)                         Lewis Sturgeon (4)
Aaron Fitzgerald                          Steve
Luke                                            Jim

7:30: Chubby Alonsos v 3 The HUKs
Matt Day (2)                          Michael Kelly (3)

Group B

8:00: Only Here For The Beer v Southpark Senators

Southpark Senators can't play, Only Here For The Beer win 5-0

7:30: 20 JBS Superkings 5 v 4 Ivory Toast

Jack Blake (2)                           Tom Grantham (2)

Johnny Mabe (2)                       Jack

Jimmy Madgwick                      Jason B

8:00: Glory Hunters 0 v 5 Absolutely Fabregas

Glory Hunters couldn't play, Absolutely Fabregas win 5-0

Group C

9:00: Sub-Standard Liege 1 v 3 Puck Off FC

Matt L                                          Leo Harding

                                                    Lewis Thomas


8:30: ManChestHair Utd 4 v 2 NAC

AWAITING SCORERS             Josh (2)

9:30: Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels v Bacca Bacca

Bacca Bacca can't play, Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels win 5-0

Group D

8:30: Ai 5 v 0 Bus Stop Boys

Bus Stop Boys couldn't play, Ai win 5-0

9:00: The Hurricanes 4 v 2 Athletic Balboa

Tom Cross (2)                      Harold McGregor-Smith

Ashley Stevens (2)              Liam Bleach

9:30: Kings of Meon v Woodmancote Rovers

Kings of Meon can't play, Woodmancote Rovers win 5-0

Charities Cup Group Stage Week 2

Thursday 31st August

Group A
9:00: One Man Short v 0 Odd Balls FC

9:30: The HUKs v 3 Newells Old Men
Michael Kelly (2)         AWAITING SCORERS

9:30: Chubby Alonsos v 3 Forest Green Rovers
AWAITING SCORERS          Aaron Fitzgerald (2)
                                              Joe Hennigan

Group B

7:00: Ivory Toast 3 v 2 Only Here For The Beer

Brad Richards (2)          AWAITING SCORERS

Tom Grantham

7:00: Absolutely Fabregas 1 v 1 Southpark Senators


7:30: Glory Hunters 0 v 5 20 JBS Superkings

Glory Hunters couldn't play, 20 JBS Superkings win 5-0

Group C

7:30: NAC 0 v 2 Sub-Standard Liege

                            Jamie (2)

8:00: Bacca Bacca 3 v 0 Puck Off FC

Jordan Hutchison (3)

8:00: Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels 4 v 0 ManChestHair Utd


Group D

8:30: Athletic Balboa 1 v 6 Ai


8:30: Woodmancote Rovers 1 v 1 Bus Stop Boys

AWAITING SCORER                      OG

9:00: Kings of Meon 5 v 0 The Hurricanes

The Hurricanes couldn't play, Kings of Meon win 5-0

Charities Cup Group Stage Week 3

Thursday 28th September

Group A
8:30: Odd Balls FC v 1 The HUKs

8:30: One Man Short v 5 Chubby Alonsos
One Man Short couldn't play, Chubby Alonsos win 5-0

9:00: Newells Old Men v 1 Forest Green Rovers
Tom White (2)                         AWAITING SCORER

Group B

9:00: Only Here For The Beer 2 v 0 Absolutely Fabregas


8:00: Ivory Toast 2 v 4 Glory Hunters

Iewan Williams (2)        Edgaras (3)


9:30: Southpark Senators 5 v 0 20 JBS Superkings

20 JBS Superkings can't play, Southpark Senators win 5-0

Group C

7:00: Sub-Standard Liege 0 v 3 Bacca Bacca

                                                    Lucas Duncan

                                                    Kardo Ali

                                                    Ijaaz Ali

7:00: NAC 1 v 6 Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels

Kyle Rowsell        Kieren (2)

                            Aden (2)



7:30: Puck Off FC 5 v 0 ManChestHair Utd

ManChestHair Utd couldn't play, Puck Off FC win 5-0

Group D

7:30: Ai 5 v 0 Woodmancote Rovers

Woodmancote Rovers didn't play, Ai win 5-0

8:00: Athletic Balboa 1 v 8 Kings of Meon

AWAITING SCORER          Jess Patrick (2)

                                            Liam Howe (2)

                                            Myles Hepworth (2)

                                            Frankie Scott

                                            Joe Stevens

9:30: Bus Stop Boys 0 v 5 Blink One Eto'o

Bus Stop Boys can't play, Blink One Eto'o win 5-0

Charities Cup Group Stage Week 4

Thursday 19th October

Group A
7:30: Chubby Alonsos 2 v 0 Odd Balls FC

8:00: Forest Green Rovers v 4 The HUKs
Joe Hennigan                               Blake Turnbull (2)
                                                     Zak Turnbull
                                                     Michael Kelly

8:00: Newells Old Men v 0 One Man Short
One Man Short couldn't play, Newells Old Men win 5-0

Group B

No game for Glory Hunters

8:30: 20 JBS Superkings 6 v 2 Absolutely Fabregas

Jack Blake (4)                           AWAITING SCORERS

Ian Lamb (2)

9:00: Southpark Senators 10 v 1 Ivory Toast

Sean Reading (3)                         AWAITING SCORER

Jay Atkinson (3)

Liam Carter (2)

Gordy Tanner (2)

Group C

9:00: Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels 3 v 1 Sub-Standard Liege

Clarke                                                        Jamie Hale



7:30: ManChestHair Utd 1 v 3 Bacca Bacca


8:30: Puck Off FC 7 v 2 NAC

Lewis Thomas (2)           AWAITING SCORERS

Areo (2)

Rowan (2)


Group D

7:00: Kings of Meon 6 v 2 Ai

Jess Patrick (2)                 AWAITING SCORERS

Ben Nightingale (2)

Myles Hepworth

Clayton Saunders

7:00: Blink One Eto'o 2 v 3 Woodmancote Rovers

D Rackley (2)                       AWAITING SCORERS

9:30: Bus Stop Boys 5 v 0 Athletic Balboa

Athletic Balboa are unable to play, Bus Stop Boys win 5-0

Charities Cup Group Stage Week 5

Thursday 9th November

Group A
9:00: Odd Balls FC v 1 Forest Green Rovers
Martyn Everitt (2)              Joe Hennigan

9:30: Chubby Alonsos v 4 Newells Old Men
                                              Harry Gilbert (3)
                                              Neil Miles

8:30: The HUKs v 0 One Man Short
One Man Short couldn't play, The HUKs win 5-0

Group B

No game for 20 JBS Superkings

7:00: Glory Hunters 2 v 3 Southpark Senators

AWAITING SCORERS      Jay Atkinson (3)

7:30: Absolutely Fabregas 3 v 3 Ivory Toast
CJ (2)                                           Jason Guidon
Rob                                              Nathan Halkyard
                                                     Brad Richards

Group C

7:30: Sub-Standard Liege v ManChestHair Utd

ManChestHair Utd cannot play, Sub-Standard Liege win 5-0

Matt W (2)

D Barrand

C Barrand


8:00: Teenage Mutant Ninja Skrtels 4 v 1 Puck Off FC

Aden (4)                                                     AWAITING SCORER

7:00: Bacca Bacca 6 v 1 NAC

Jordan Hutchison (3)

Ijaaz Ali

Nat Phillips

Zac Davies

Group D

8:30: Ai 3 v 4 Blink One Eto'o

AWAITING SCORERS    Ant Richards (3)

                                        Alan Shaw

9:30: Kings of Meon v Bus Stop Boys

Bus Stop Boys cannot play, Kings of Meon win 5-0

9:00: Woodmancote Rovers 0 v 3 Athletic Balboa

                                                       Jarret Davies (2)

                                                       Harold McGregor-Sims


Thursday 30th November


7:15: Chubby Alonsos v Teenage Ninja Mutant Skrtels
7:15: 20 JBS Superkings v Kings of Meon
7:45: Bacca Bacca v Newells Old Men
7:45: Ai v Southpark Senators



8:30: Winner of Game 1 v Winner of Game 2
8:30: Winner of Game 3 v Winner of Game 4

9:15: Two Losing Sides from Semi Finals


9:15: Winners of Semi Final Matches